Of all the Bust coin we have posted so far this year, this coin by far is the best and is one of our favorites.  When do you ever see Bust Dollars that look like this?  The pedigree is one of the best you can ever get. If we could start a museum, this coin would NOT be for sale today. This coin looks like an “old time ” MS 64 coin. Yes, MS64. The Newman envelope even calls it uncirculated!. No matter what, this coin is a MONSTER Bust Dollar!

Outrageous surfaces blow away many that you see on full MS coins. All ticks and lines are microscopic-and even using a strong glass does not make them appear easily. A very decent original luster still glows from all over. The most stunning ring of totally original blue/green/violet/gold frames the peripheries. Clearly, this coin has never been messed with. Miss Liberty and every detail are sharply struck and are frosty. We swear, if you cracked this coin out raw and did so to our partners #1 all time set and put it in there, the majority of people would say the coin clearly fits and looks MS. The wear on this coin is virtually invisible. And there are NO high point discolorations. The eye appeal is not only jaw dropping but one you will remember forever!

PCGS 25, NGC 45, CAC 6 (with just 4 beaned higher). PCGS has 2 coins graded AU58+. When the Newman sale took place, we had been willing to pay more for this coin then the price it sold for. We do strongly believe because it was NGC the price was held down. In Newman it brought $33,600.00. You know this coin has been away for over 50 years n one of the most famous and caring homes possible. Now it is time for a new custodian and admirer. This coin can not be duplicated and is so superior to even many lower grade MS pieces. Paid a fair price and we are not going to just flip this coin.  It is a real treasure and it belongs with an understanding passionate collector.

This coin is being sold now only because the collector has other projects, the collector certainly was not for being bored with this coin. Our job is to place this coin in a great home. the collector paid $39,950.00 in our sale 05/2019. We assure you, you WILL love this coin and its a great value!

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