1795 Half Dime Flowing Hair PCGS MS66 (CAC)


This is an outstanding piece! We purchased it directly from the collector who bought it out of a August 2015 ANA Sale. It had been placed with a collector customer of ours who then upgraded to an MS67! Its a heck of coin.

Here was the description (we liked it so much yes, we copied it, but updated the pops): The 1795 is by far the more available of the two Flowing Hair half dime issues, ideal for type purposes. The recorded mintage figure is 86,416 pieces, although it is believed most if not all of the 7,756 pieces delivered on March 30 were struck from 1794-dated dies; no half dime coinage occurred in 1794, meaning that the entirety of that issue was produced early in 1795. This leaves a net mintage of 78,660 pieces for the 1795-dated issue. Mint State survivors of the 1795 half dime are moderately plentiful, per certified population data, although a number of resubmissions are likely reflected. Even so, in Gem or finer condition, the issue is rare, and pieces grading finer than MS66 are almost unobtainable. Various sources speak of a small hoard of Mint State 1795 half dimes that turned up in the latter half of the 19th century, although the exact number of coins therein represented and the exact date when they were discovered varies from writer to writer. Dubbed the “Wadsworth-Rea hoard” by Breen in his Encyclopedia, the group might have contained up to 100 examples or as few as a dozen. Per Bowers, W. Elliot Woodward suggested that the hoard was dispersed in the 1860s or ’70s; Breen suggests Woodward himself bought and dispersed the coins circa 1880. Exact details are impossible to pinpoint at this time. The present coin is sharply rendered throughout and displays lovely semiprooflike fields, although not quite to the extent as is seen on Breen’s “presentation” pieces. Nonetheless, this delicately preserved and deeply toned example is undoubtedly among the finer-known survivors of this early Mint product. Hints of gold and mint-green highlight otherwise ocean-blue surfaces, while a small area of lavender is also seen on the lower obverse. Struck from mildly rotated dies. Whether or not this piece originated in the 1860s hoard is not known, although it was clearly carefully preserved from the day of striking, either out of sentiment or for some special occasion. A truly rare and important acquisition.

PCGS 9, NGC 7, CAC 7. PCGS has graded 2 in MS66+ and 3 MS67’s Only 1 is CAC). NOTE: this coin realized $76,375.00 10/2021. The current Collectors Universe value is $90,000.00. A different (slightly lesser eye appeal ) coin sold 04/2017 for $76,375.00. We think the quality is so high end, we actually did submit it for a + (no promises). Obviously PCGS had its NO hat on that on that day! This will make a great addition to any Type or GEM Bust Half Dime Collection.


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