1796 10C Dime Draped Bust, Small Eagle PCGS MS63+ (CAC)


INCREDIBLE! WOW! OMG! Are just a few words to describe this incredible coin. And it is only graded a MS63+! We do rank this coin as a SUPER HIGH END!

This coin is superior to the typical MS63 you will ever see. It IS that close to MS64 (NO promises)! In fact, it is BETTER then some MS64’s we have seen (NO promises).

Superior surfaces offer NO imperfections. If you use a strong glass all you will find are Mint made items like die cracks and some light clashing. We do NOT believe this coin has ever been missed with (we can’t even find any old light cleaning lines). A moderate luster beams from all over. Both sides have an even warm original gold/champagne color with blue/deep violet rims (mostly on the reverse). Miss Liberty and the details are amazingly struck. The reverse even has 99% full breast feathers. The eye appeal is tremendous!

PCGS 15, NGC 21, CAC 7. PCGS has graded 1 in MS63+. This coin last sold in auction 10/20 for $49,938.00. NOTE: A PCGS MS63 gold sticker just sold for $92,000.00. We equate this coin to that coin. If there is a difference, we assure you it won’t be by much!

This coin will be the pride of any collection. To get a better looking piece, your going to have to buy a 66 or better for six figures! If you love Bust Dimes, check this coin out!


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