1798-P 10C JR-4 Large 8 PCGS MS64 (CAC) EX POGUE



This coin is technically finer than the grade designated (we make no promises) , and has a look that surpasses most gems in the series. Event though the surfaces are pristine, obverse shows a rather involved series of die cracks, including a broad arc that begins at the rim above the left side of Y, touches the tip of Liberty’s nose, and rejoins the rim beyond stars 11 and 12. Another points from Liberty’s chin into the field, near the visible remnant of a clashing, and still another connects the stars at left. The wing on the left side of the eagle is broken at its tip and joined to the rim. Both sides are toned in an original soft pale blue, muted champagne, and richer gold. Miss Liberty and the details are well struck. The eye appeal is stunning!

PCGS 3, NGC 0, CAC 8 (clearly one has been in multiple times). CAC has beaned none higher! The current Collectors Universe value is $75,000.00. At the Pogue sale this coin brought $82,250.00. You never going to see anything similar hit the market. We can not stress enough the extreme rarity of this coin.

The Lovejoy example (also a PCGS MS64 CAC ) just brought $90,000.00 in the ANA 2021 sale. The coin offered here has way more color and is of equal quality!


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