A PIECE WELL DESERVING OF BEING TIED FOR finest known! What an exceptional borderline GEM Draped Bust half cent! A stunning coin with amazing quality and eye appeal for an 1800 half cent!

Exceptionally bold luster shows a glowing brilliance on both sides. Attractive with a generous amount of original, faded Mint color with bluish steel brown. Free of any troubling specks or spots, the color is a wholesome delight. Furthermore the surfaces show only a few tiny nicks and handling marks (you need to use a strong glass), far fewer than one would expect for a half cent from this early era. A thin strike through line above the bust tip serves to identify this amazing coin. Middle die state, Manley state 3.0.

The quality of the planchets used to strike most 1800 half cents is high. The planchets were provided by Boulton & Watt, the famous English inventors and suppliers of planchets. Once struck most of the half cents were soon in circulation, so finding a Mint State coin, especially one with original Mint color is quite extraordinary. This particular one is pictured on the CoinFacts website with its extensive provenance noted as well.

Notably from Howard Rounds Newcomb and soon B. Max Mehl in 1935; to Col. E. H. R. Green Collection; appraised by F. C. C. Boyd in the Green Estate for $5 on August 9, 1937; sold for $4 in April 1943 to the Eric P. Newman and B.G. Johnson partnership; Eric P. Newman and his Education Foundation; Missouri Cabinet; Missouri Cabinet Collection Auction, Goldbergs, January, 2014, lot 49. As you can see, this is NOT one of the ones that came from a small hoard at the 1980 ANA Convention, as it was in the Col. E. H. R. Green holdings in the 1930s.

PCGS 2, NGC 1, CAC 3. PCGS possibly has graded 2 in MS64+ RB. This stunning coin sold in January 2014 for $46,000 and in our January 2018 Regency Auction for just shy of $50,000. The current PCGS Price Guide value is listed at $39,500 and then in 07/20 (as a non +) for $31,725.00. With copper off, the timing is so right to add a coin like this to your collection. As you can see, since 2014 its made only one appearance. Worthy of placement in a world class cabinet of half cents, box of 20, or type coins.


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