WOW! This is the ONLY Choice MS 1803 Dime in existence. It is one heck of a coin! It is the FINEST of all the die varieties for the date.

Love the description by Stacks where they call the surfaces a “numismatic playground” under magnification. They go on to say “the viewer feasts upon luster and fresh surfaces, die cracks big and small, die clashes and impressive fine details.” Can’t disagree or top that description. It is important to note, the surfaces even with all the Mint made fun stuff, are clean and smooth. The luster brings out neat deep gold/gold/blue toning that swirls on only a part of the coin on both sides. Miss Liberty and the details do boldly stand out with better then expected strikes. The eye appeal is breathtakingly beautiful!

PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. This coin sold for $211,500.00 in the Pogue sale back in 2015. Prior to that, as an NGC MS64, it brought $322,00.00 07/2008 when Pogue bought it. The Pedigree is numismatic royalty: Parmlee, Bareford, Lovejoy, Bolen , Price, Pogue. Rarity and the quality are undisputed. The next owner (custodian) of this great rarity will too forever be cemented in numismatic history as well.


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