1804 $2.50 Gold Draped Bust Stars 14Star Rev PCGS AU58 (CAC)


WOW! We can’t put this magnificent coin down! Yes, it is VERY HIGH END!

Boldly prooflike mirrors beam aggressively from all over. Only when using a strong glass can you see numerous microscopic ticks. There is NOTHING that catches the naked eye. Some very light adjustment marks can also be seen when using a strong glass. Besides the flash, this coin has stunning original gold color. There are NO spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and are sharply struck. We grade the reverse MS62+! You can’t see any visible rub. The eye appeal is jaw dropping!

PCGS 22, NGC 22, CAC 7. The last PCGS CAC piece to sell in auction brought $47,000.00 12/2021. The current Collectors Universe value is $50,000.00. It should be noted, ONLY 20 coins total (in all grades) have been beaned by CAC. A coin like this is a TRUE treasure. It will greatly enhance ANY collection it ends up in. While the coin Cody coin was nice, (it’s the one that sold for $47,000.00)-this coin is nicer. Opportunity knocks loud here!


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