1818 1C Large Cent Coronet Head NGC MS66BN N1


Hard to call any Naftzger piece typical-but we will say this coin is typical for a Naftzger coin. That means it’s out of this world phenomenal!

Pristine surfaces reveal no flaws. There is a tiny planchet flake in front of the nose and that’s it. Not only are the surfaces smooth and clean, they are lightly lustrous. Both sides are a totally ORIGINAL mix of yummy chocolate brown/faded Mint Red. Miss Liberty and the details are lightly frosted and are full struck. The eye appeal is exceptional!

PCGS 3, NGC 2, CAC 2. We purchased this coin directly out of the Naftzger sale in 2009. It has been off the market with a collector since then. The last one of these to sell in auction brought $8,700.00 08/2020. We assure you, this is not a date or grade (or pedigree) you will encounter much in the future! ANY Nafzger Large Cent in GEM is going to be tops for its grade. We can’t imagine a finer 1818 in BN existing!


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