1834 Half Dime Capped Bust PCGS MS66+ (CAC)


Absolutely unbelievable! The ONLY coin finer (color wise) that we EVER have seen is the 1832 PCGS MS68+ we have in the Simpson/Law Half Dime set. A master artist couldn’t come close to the spectacular colors mother nature put on this coin. And its is SUPER HIGH END too!

The technical quality is all there. Even using a strong glass you see no flaws. The surfaces are smooth and have a satiny appearance. The luster is above average. Both sides display electric rings of royal blue/violet/gold/green that just blow your mind! Miss Liberty and the details are sharply struck. Unless the coin is like the 1832 MS68, there is no way you will EVER see a more powerful, mind boggling, and just amazing Bust Half Dime (we are talking about the series, not just the date).

PCGS 24, NGC 35, CAC 10.There can never be any comparable prices to this monster.

The buyer of this coin will forever have not just one of the wildest Bust Half Dimes in existence, but one of the wildest regular US coins. If this were in auction, who knows how much it would bring. In fact we would advise our customer to pay whatever it takes to buy this amazing GEM!

It is fresh back on to the market, being with a Legend customer for many years.


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