Collectors are lucky we don’t retire and just start buying up great coins. This might be the coin that makes us do it! This PHENOMENAL coin is every bit as rare (or rarer) than an 1894-S 10C (mintage 24) or even an 1804 $1 (mintage 10). Yet, it has never attained the pricing greatness. We shake our heads at the great opportunity this piece represents!

The quality is PHENOMENAL! The ONLY thing that keeps this coin from grading a full PR65 CAMEO are light die polishing lines which are all mint made and invisible to the naked eye. The mirrors are similar to what you’d see on a Barber proof! They are super deep, clean, have amazing clarity, and of course have killer reflectivity. A PHENOMENAL light mix of ORIGINAL gold/pale lilac swirls all over. Miss Liberty and the details are frosted a silvery white and needle sharp in strike. Like everything else about this coin, the eye appeal is PHENOMENAL!

Only 12 coins were ever minted. PCGS 2, NGC 1, CAC 2. There is only ONE PR64+ Cameo graded higher. This coin sold for $84,000.00 01/2021. It was just resold in the Chicago Collection sale 09/21. The current Collectors Universe Value is $93,500.00. Why isn’t this PHENOMENAL coin worth $150,000.00 or even $250,000.00? Only time will adjust the rarity factor and pricing issues this coin suffers!

Legend Numismatics is proud to own and offer this PHENOMENAL GEM! We do most highly recommend it for any collector or anyone looking to put away a coin for the long term.

The images does not do this coin justice!


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