1846 1C Large Cent Braided Hair Small Date PCGS MS67BN (CAC)


Very similar to the quality of the Naftzger coins. This coin is absolutely AMAZING!

Superior surfaces are incredibly clean and have a slight satiny texture. There are NO hidden imperfections and there are NO spots. Both sides enjoy a strong unbroken luster. GEM ORIGINAL Mint Red color (about 20%) surrounds the features and blends into totally ORIGINAL moderate chocolate brown colors. Miss Liberty and the details are very well struck and do standout. No matter how picky you are, the quality of this coin WILL make you smile. The eye appeal is incredible!

PCGS 1, NGC 1, CAC 1. Only 8 CAC’s have been beaned for the Type in BN. There are NO RB MS67’s graded. There are NO auction records for any PCGS CAC 1846 1C in MS67BN. The current Collectors Universe value of $10,750.00 seems VERY low to us given this coin is outrageous quality, the fact there are NONE higher, the fact there are NO equals! Think about the effort it took for this coin to survive 176 years in such a pristine state of preservation. If this were a gold coin from 1846, we’d be talking well over $1 million easily! Even a silver coin won’t be cheap. Why should an extremely rare copper coin be so cheap?

We would LOVE to buy ALL the PCGS CAC MS67 BN’s that exist that are PRE 1850. Good luck finding ANY!!!


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