1852 $2.50 Gold Liberty PCGS MS65+ (CAC)


What a lively GEM piece this is. The quality is easily + stature.

Overall, the surfaces look clean and sleek to the naked eye. Only when using a strong glass can you find a tiny and scattered tick or two. Nothing stands out. A bold glowing type luster beams from all over. Both sides are a brilliant yellow gold color. There are NO spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and are ell struck. The eye appeal is fantastic!

PCGS 14, NGC 7, CAC 10. PCGS has graded only 2 in MS65+. Its important to note: PCGS has graded 4 coins higher while CAC has beaned NONE. The published prices re all wrong today for coins like this. The market has made these pieces ever so much in demand. And once this coin is sold, good luck finding another!


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