1854 $20 Gold Liberty Type 1 Large Date SSCA PCGS AU58 (CAC)


We can NOT believe this coin sat on the bottom of the ocean for years. It looks as good or even BETTER than most others we have seen for the date!

Remarkable surfaces look clean to the naked eye. Using a strong glass, you can find widely scattered tiny ticks and frost breaks. There is NOTHING serious. A strong glowing luster beams from all over. This is NOT a dirty coin or a coin with any spots. Both sides are a beautiful yellow gold color. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and are sharply struck. The eye appeal is terrific!

This most likely was a pocket piece from a passenger or crew member.

Regular pops: PCGS 18, NGC 26, CAC 10 (REGULAR NON SSCA). Only 8 have possibly been graded higher (for the date). The current Collectors Universe Value is $25,000.00. We can’t say enough about the quality, history and eye appeal of this piece. This is housed in a gold foil regular PCGS holder. We highly doubt many of these exist. For sure, we have never seen one before!


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