1855 3C Three Cent Silver Type 2 PCGS MS65 (CAC)


WOW! We know our 3CS as well as anyone. Having built the all time finest sets of MS and PR. This coin is a delight to see. Its one of the BEST 1855’s we have seen in TRUE gem. Yes, it is VERY HIGH END too!

The surfaces are wicked interesting. Here is stuff you can only see with a strong glass: a microscopic die flake, die cracks, and die clashing like crazy. We are blown away by the FULL strike. Rarely do you see the bars from the shield full on the reverse too! Originality is the theme of this coin. A bold luster give this coin great life. The eye appeal is great!

PCGS 19, NGC 11, CAC 7. The last PCGS CAC piece to sell via auction brought $6,300.00 11/2021. Prior to that they were selling for $8-9,000.00. The current Collectors Universe value is only $6,500.00. Think about how many times you have ever seen this date and grade offered? In PCGS MS65 CAC, we know we sure have not seen many! In our opinion, this date and grade are UNDERvalued. Last, this is a fresh coin to the market.



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