1857-S $20 Liberty Bold S- S.S. Central America PCGS MS66+ (CAC)


What a beauty! Considering this was covered with muck, the conservators did an incredible job. If it was not in a Shipwreck holder we assure you, it would be impossible to know it was under the sea for 155+ years.

The surfaces shame all other coins-they are borderline perfect. Only when you use a strong glass can you find a minor frost break or tiny tick around the face (probably from stacking) We see that often on $20 Libs. There is an intense full booming luster. Both sides are a GEM yellow gold color. There are NO spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and the details are sharply struck and offer generous frost. The eye appeal is spectacular!

The Ship Wreck pop for this coin (all varieties) is 9 with only 4 higher. However, this is the lone Bold S in MS66+. The regular NON Shipwreck pop in MS66+ 0! CAC has beaned a total of 48 pieces in MS66. If you are building a GEM Type set, you know until this wreck surfaced, there was no such thing as a $20 1857-S. In MS66+ and MS67, it’s pretty much still that way. We can not stress enough the MONSTER quality of this SUPERB GEM. It is also $125,000.00 less than the MS67-even though it is that close to being one! In the 2014 dive (the final dive) 3154 coins were salvaged. All the coins are now graded and accounted for. This is a magnificent $20 as well as being a historical genuine piece of treasure!

Now is the time to buy a great coin like this as they have dipped in value. Originally when we bought this coin, we paid $70,000.00. There are NO other MS66+ (or MS67’s) on the market today of any variety. We fully expect values to go back up in due time.


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