1861-S $10 Gold Liberty No Motto PCGS AU58 (CAC) RARE: CAC POP 4 ONLY ONE COIN HIGHER


This is is a pleasing example of early Civil War date. It is a real AU58 too!

One thing that immediately strikes you-from a distance, this coin has luster! You can’t miss it. As you would expect, the surfaces appear clean, but have scattered tiny ticks when you use a glass. No ticks are serious. Both sides are a more brilliant gold color. All the wear is extremely light and there are no discolorations. A pinpoint HIDDEN copper stain can be seen at 7:00 on the obverse (it shows up more in the pic than in person). In fact, the strike of this coin is quite impressive. The eye appeal is such that if this coin were raw, you’d think it was MS. Yeah, this coin is that nice!

PCGS 9, NGC 15, CAC 4. CAC has only graded an MS61 higher. The last PCGS CAC to sell via auction brought $40,800.00 08/2022. The current Collectors Universe value is $50,000.00. Only 4 CAC’s with just one CAC higher-this is a rare coin! The numbers here clearly prove this coins rarity. Plus, its a darn nice coin.


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