1874-CC 10C Dime Liberty Seated, Legend Arrows PCGS AU55 (CAC)


We normally don’t fiddle with specialty coins like this. However, not only were we enamored by the coin, but the buzz around its rarity was too great too pass up. We do very much consider his to be a VERY HIGH-END coin. in fact, we rank it a GEM AU!

The surfaces are as clean and smooth as you’d see on MS coins. Even using a strong glass, only on the reverse can you see a hint of roughness. There actually is a good luster here. Both sides are a totally original pearl gray. This is absolutely NOT a dull or drab coin. The wear is light and is even. Miss Liberty and the details are well struck. Teh eye appeal is outstanding!

PCGS 1, NGC 1, CAC 1. CAC has only beaned 3 higher. The extreme rarity of this date in any grade is more than proven. We had been prepared to bid one more increment and pay $125,000.00. You cannot replicate this GEM AU piece. Yes, we do feel you could even put this coin in a box of 20!


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