1877 1C Small Cent Indian Bronze PCGS PR66RB (CAC)


We LOVE this remarkable GEM. It is VERY HIGH END! There is tight then there is ridiculously tight. Come on PCGS!  For a major “key date Indian Cent” this coin is what you want for a red?

An impressive, beautiful GEM with stunning amounts of original RED color on the surfaces (over 75% is GEM Original Mint Red).  A strong, vibrant mint luster glows all over both sides with a stunning vibrancy. NO carbon spots can be found. There is very little toning save for a blush of gold. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck and have delicate frost. The eye appeal is exceptional!

PCGS 15, NGC 19, CAC 6. The last PCGS CAC example to sell via auction brought $21,600.00. The published prices for this date and grade are too low. The coin offer here is really 75% GEM MINT RED! Of course it’s worth its premium! This important GEM presents a great opportunity for the collector. Remember a full RED in PR66 (Pop. 7) would cost over $25,000-and this coin is that close!

More trivial info: Tied for FINEST graded in the RB designation, this coin is one of just two MS66 RB to have been awarded a green CAC bean.  The typical survivor is apt to be XF or lower. Mint State coins are always in demand, and GEM Mint State coins like the presently offered coin are highly prized by serious collectors.

In GEM RD these are $150,000.00+ coins. This coin should be worth more then we are asking, but we are realistic.


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