1877 Pattern J-1547 Gilt $50 PCGS PR63 (CAC)


If you didn’t know better, you’d think this beast of a coin was minted from gold! It’s struck in copper and plated with Gilt. We do consider this coin to be HIGH-END!

In 1877, the half union patterns were struck at the Philadelphia Mint during the directorship of Henry Richard Linderman. Linderman was a clerk at the Mint in 1855, and may have remembered the half union proposal from his early days in government service. He had many patterns struck for unofficial reasons during his later terms as Mint Director and formed a spectacular collection of his own, mostly of pattern and restrike issues. The half unions were apparently a “pet project” of Linderman’s as there was no pressing need for the large gold coins in 1877.

Whatever the reasons for Minting, this is a spectacular coin. Overall, the huge surface area is pretty clean. There is one thin line on the obverse-which may be Mint made. The Gilt was laid on nicely. In fact, you can actually see mirrored surfaces. You can twirl the coin and get that “watery” like roll of the mirrors. Every detail is pinpoint sharp in strike. The eye appeal is AMAZING!

PCGS 1, NGC 1, CAC 1. The last example to sell via auction was a NGC CAC piece. It brought $184,000.00 back in 2011! For sure, this coin will be a superstar in any great Pattern Collection! We have handled more Patterns than anyone. We can tell you ANY $50 Pattern is VERY rare and you never see them offered.


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