1879 1C Small Cent Indian Bronze PCGS MS67RB (CAC)


This coin is scary. We think it has PR68 qualities (we make NO promises)!

Here is the description from our 08/2020 auction where the coin made ist onlya ppearance:

We unhesitatingly rank this piece in the “monster” category. It is a wonder how it survived 141 years in such perfect condition. If this had been an MS68, we might not flinch.

Perfect surfaces are a joy to behold. Even using a powerful glass yields ZERO imperfections. There is a sleek but satiny texture all over. A full booming cartwheel type luster can be seen a good distance. Both sides are a GEM original mix of olive/faint red/golden brown colors. There are NO spots or discolorations. Every detail is needle sharp in strike and stands out. This coin is crazy awesome, and has killer eye appeal too!

PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. There are no auction records for this coin. The market will determines its worth. BUT we expect massive bidding on this stunner!

This coin sold for $14,100.00 in that sale with strong bidding. You have to see this coin to believe it. We LOVE it. It really is everything we have said. P.S: the mirrors are glassy when you twirl the coin.


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