1882-CC $1 Dollar Morgan PCGS MS65DM+ (CAC)


Looking at this coin is like looking at freshly made Proof! If this coin had been in an MS66 DMPL holder, we would not have flinched. One look, and you will never forget this coin!

The mirrors are a crazy 10″ deep and have monster clarity. As you would expect , there are just a few tiny (and we mean tiny) wide spread ticks. We think only a few ticks at 12:00 on the reverse are what is keeping this monster from a 66DMPL. If you twirl the coin, the mirrors have a deep and “watery” roll. The contrast us amazing. And the frost just drips off the portrait. Miss Liberty and every tiny detail are 100% FULLY struck and have thick frost. Your eyes will pop out and roll around when they see this monster!

Know that this date typically comes with shallow mirrors. This coin is far superior mirror wise.

PCGS 407, NGC 103, CAC 57. Going back to 2019, we could not find any examples being sold via auction. We did not use the highly inaccurate published prices when we bought this. Looking this wild, published numbers do not matter. If you collect only the REALLY DEEP and boldly contrasted DMPL’s, this 1882-CC DMPL is for you!



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