1883 5C Nickel Liberty Head With CENTS PCGS PR67DCAM (CAC)



This piece belongs in a museum! Its a perfect piece that has survived for 138 years. Hard to believe!

Superb GEM surfaces have deep, crystal clear, super clean, and highly reflective mirrors. Even using a strong glass we can’t find ANY imperfections. When you twirl the coin, the mirrors look like a freshly made sheet of glass. The contrast is strong. There is a faint kiss of gold on the reverse. Miss Liberty and the details are thickly frosted and have full strikes. The eye appeal is fabulous!

PCGS 2, NGC 1, CAC 1. PCGS has graded none finer. This coin has never been sold via auction. In fact the last auction appearance for the other coin-2016. 5 LONG YEARS AGO! Somehow, there is a Collectors Universe value of $10,000.00 and a PCGS CAC value of $10,830.00. Opportunity knocks loud here!

What an addition to ANY GEM Proof Liberty Nickel Collection this piece will be!


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