Legend Numismatics is proud to offer one of the most famous rarities: this 1884 Trade Dollar. It ranks among the FINEST known.

Deep mirrors offer a strong reflection. There is good clarity in the mirrors. There are zero problems to be found. Both sides have an original pearl/champagne color scheme. Miss liberty and the details are fully frosted and have full strikes. The eye appeal is terrific!

The 1884 and 1885 Trade Dollars, as with most classic American rarities, are somewhat shrouded in mystery and intrigue which has always attracted collectors to them. The 1884 Trade Dollar, with its mintage of a mere ten pieces, and their early marketing by Philadelphia coin dealer William Idler, had led many numismatists to think these were struck under less than official circumstances for a well connected local numismatist, and since no official record shows these were produced, this theory has been carried down the ages, from their initial offerings in auction through to the 1990s, when Dave Bowers noted in the Eliasberg catalog that Carl Carlson, a prominent numismatic researcher who was the curator of the Garrett Collection then went on to work for NASCA and Stack’s in the 1980s and 1990s discovered that 1884 trade dollar dies were received by the coiner on January 3, and these dies are recorded in official mint records. It is also recorded that Mint Superintendent Archibald Snowden ordered Proof production to take place, and the records show these dies being transferred from the die room to the coining room. According to the annual mint report, some 264 Proofs were struck before the mint director issued and order to cease coinage production. The 10 known examples, were likely purchased from the mint by Snowden, and then dispersed. This was legal practice at the time. The remaining Trade dollars were not issued and destroyed. The dies were subsequently destroyed in January 1885.

Only 10 were minted. This coin last sold for $1,140,000.00 1/2019 as an NGC coin. The current Collectors Universe Value is $1,250,000.00 It should also be noted the Simpson PR63+ brought $480,000.00. Here is a rare opportunity to own a classic rarity.


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