Legend Numismatics has proudly handled many of the greatest rarities and sets of coins. We are pleased to offer this unique matched original  set. This set has NO peers.

By far (from what we have seen over 40 years) this set ranks as the FINEST W/MOTTO Proof Seated Matched original set in existence!  We are disappointed PCGS was over zealous on this set and held down 2 coins. One look and you will know they are wrong (we make no promises of upgrades)!

Besides the quality, this set has an amazing pedigree. It was with one family (who picked the coins from the Mint after striking) through 2001. In a huge deal of Proof Sets and other coins this set was privately sold. We were right there to be the buyers. We placed it with a Legend customer and only now is it making its debut in the marketplace. You can not get a set any fresher!

EVERY coin is of full “MONSTER” quality and eye appeal!

1C  PCGS PR66RB. Sleek glassy mirrors beam boldly from all over. There is strong contrast. The colors are original red and some violet on the reverse. This coin is a MONSTER!

5C  PCGS PR66+ Superb mirrors are clean and clear. They have a light mix of original colors. The quality is SUPER HIGH END!

10C PCGS PR67+ GOLD CAC What was PCGS thinking? The mirrors are glassy and are perfect. They have exceptional clarity. We grade this coin a full PR68 (even though PCGS does not).

25C  PCGS PR68  This is a MONSTER coins to die for! It has everything from deep and clear mirrors to a killer color (in sync with the rest of the set).

50C PCGS PR68. A coin that defines perfection! Incredible mirrors dazzle with incredible color. In our opinion, this coin is one of the very best PR Seated Halves that exists!

$1.00   PCGS PR67+ GOLD CAC. PCGS is just plain wrong for not grading this coin a PR68. The mirrors are deep and are perfect. The colors a just stunning and the eye appeal is jaw dropping!

Only 600 sets  could have been assembled. These coins are the FINEST you buy!

The fact these coins were handpicked at the Mint and stayed together for 129 years is remarkable. The eye appeal of the set is remarkable too.

There is nothing else remotely close to this set. There are not even price guides that reflect the true value of each coin. Heck, there are TWO gold beaned coins!

The new owner will be in numismatic nirvana being the keeper of something that is beyond incredible!



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