1891 5C Nickel Liberty Head PCGS PR67CAM+ (CAC)



Sensational everything: This is a gorgeous black and white HIGH END SUPERB GEM Proof!

Superior deep mirrors have bold flash all over. The mirrors are super clear, are clean, and have tremendous reflection. If you twirl the coin, the mirrors look like light liquid rolling mercury. You can see strong contrast. Delicate and totally original pastel like colors swirl all over. Miss Liberty and the details are pinpoint sharp in strike and have thick creamy white frost. There are NO spots. The eye appeal is fantastic!

PCGS 1, NGC 3, CAC 4. PCGS has possibly graded 2 in 67+ (last one sold for $8,225.00 09/2019). The current Collectors universe value is $9,000.00. Good luck finding the other one. This will be a great addition to ANY SUPERB GEM PR Liberty Nickel set. We assure you, this coin really is HIGH END too.


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