1894 5C Nickel Liberty Head PCGS PR67CAM+ (CAC) YOUNG-DAKOTA


The Young-Dakota collector (and us) LOVES this coin and considers it his FINEST PR Liberty Nickel.

A borderline DCameo coin, that has mirrors so deep and flashy you need to shades to view the coin with. The clarity of the mirrors is also remarkable. When you twirl the coin, the mirrors do have a watery roll. Both sides are covered by a delicate coating of original pale gold. The color does not dampen the flash. You can’t beat this coins bold contrast. Miss Liberty and the details are needle sharp in strike and enjoy this white frost. The eye appeal fierce and delicious!

PCGS 7, NGC 7, CAC 7. PCGS has graded 4 in PR67+. This was the last 1894 PCGS PR67+ Cameo CAC to sell via auction. It brought $10,575.00 05/2020. The current Collectors Universe value is $15,000.00.

In hand, this coin does not appear streaky. The image enhances the pattern. When you see it, you too will be in love.


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