1897 50C Half Dollar Barber PCGS PR67DCAM+ (CAC)


OMG! This coin wrote the book on the definition of deep mirrors. Plus, it is a a real borderline PR68 DCameo! WOW!

WOW type mirrors are as deep as the darkness of the space! The mirrors do beam boldly from all over. The cleanliness and incredible clarity are matched by few coins. When you twirl this coin you are both blinded by the flash and wowed by the stunning “liquid” like mirrors. There is a light hint of original gold/blue/pale purple by the rims only. Miss Liberty and every detail are so fully struck and thickly frosted they stand out like they were carved from a fresh block of frosty ice. Your eye balls will pop out roll into your jaw that dropped and locked this coin is so crazy wild looking!

Only 731 were minted. PCGS 11, NGC 10, CAC 12 (obviously many repeaters). PCGS has graded 5 in PR67+ DC. This coin has few if any equals in terms of looks. We would challange the looks of this coin vs all the PR68’s graded by PCGS and NGC (save for 2 we know of). The last PCGS CAC piece to sell via auction brought $17,625.00 01/2014-7 LONG years ago. Nothing like this has been seen on the market for years. Be glad this coin is not being sold via auction-its the kind of coin that would bring a runaway price!

The image does not due the coin justice. It melts in your hands!


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