1901 5C Nickel Liberty Head PCGS PR68 (CAC)


PCGS and CAC do not agree on every PR68. This one was a “no briner” for both of them. The quality is outstanding!

This magnificent GEM has strong and highly reflective mirrors. There are zero imperfections anywhere-even when using a strong glass. The mirrors are also clear and offer a slight “watery” roll when you twirl the coin. Both sides have a beautiful mix of totally original gold/pale lime/pale violet/pale blue toning. There is some slight contrast. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and are needle sharp in strike. The eye appeal is beautiful!

PCGS 5, NGC 6, CAC 2. This coin sold in auction 05/2023 for $8,519.00. The current Collectors Universe value is $11,000.00. Why aren’t these worth at least $15,000.00. A PR68 is the ultimate grade? If you seek the BEST quality, this date has only one other beaned. Good luck finding it. This is a super nice coin!


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