1903 5C Nickel Liberty Head PCGS PR67CAM+ (CAC) YOUNG-DAKOTA


There is no pedigree on the holder.

This coin is so boldly cameo and deeply mirrored it might be worth more RAW! We have never seen another 1903 like it-that is just a Cam and NOT a DCameo. Plus, the quality is SUPER HIGH END!

Seriously deep-really ULTRA deep mirrors seem endless. They are crystal clear, super clean (there are some teeny toning dots), and have nearly blinding intense reflection! The mirrors have that bold rolling “watery” look when the coin is twirled.  Both sides are untoned. The contrast is strong. Miss Liberty and the details are needle sharp in strike and have thick creamy white frost. The eye appeal is a “killer” black and white that will make your jaw drop!

PCGS 9, NGC 13, CAC 19. PCGS has graded 10 in PR67+ Cameo. With just 2 in PR68 CAM (one CAC). This SUPER HIGH END GEM is NOT comparable to any average regular 1903 PR67 Cameo either. This coin really DOES sing and dance. The last PCGS PR67+ Cameo to sell at auction brought $4,800.00 04/2022.. One look and you will never put it away. The mirrors really are like a flash of lightening! Our price is extremely reasonable and realistic. Be glad this coin is NOT being sold via auction. No question another great coin from the Young-Dakota collection!



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