1913-S $20 Gold St Gaudens Motto PCGS MS64 (CAC)


Fresh back from PCGS and fresh to the market. We absolutely thought PCGS would + this. Either we are blind (which we certainly are not or PCGS is….). We make no promises this coin will ever 64+ (even though we think it very well could).

This is NOT your typical 13S. Both sides exhibit lots of life. The surfaces are not chewy to the naked eye. Only with a strong glass can you see some light and tiny scattered ticks and scuffs. The luster is super strong and really radiates well. Boths ides are a gorgeous blend of gold./pale orange honey gold colors. There are NO discolorations or spots. Miss Liberty and the details are exceptionally struck and stand out. The eye appeal is gorgeous!

PCGS 542, NGC 222, CAC 79. Hard to believe but we see no records of any PCGS CAC 1913-S PCGS MS64 selling via any auction. The current Collectors Universe Value is $12,500.00. MS64+ seem to sell around $15,000.00. These are far tougher coins to locate then most people think. If you are a Saint Collector who loves, true quality and color-this coin has it!


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