1922 $20 Gold St Gaudens Motto PCGS MS65+ (CAC)


In the Saint world, there really IS a huge difference between dreck and absolute top quality. The prices can be 75%different. This coin is full Beast mode quality. We grade it an MS65.8+! That is a powerful statement for this particular date.

Outstanding surfaces have only a few tiny obverse ticks that can only be seen with strong glass. The cleanliness of both sides is extraordinary. A thick satiny texture can be seen all over. The luster is way above average for a 1922. Both sides enjoy a beautiful and totally original deeper gold with soft gold color. There are no spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and the details are well struck. The eye appeal is beautiful!

PCGS 1605, NGC 528, CAC 30. PCGS has graded 61 in MS65+. CAC has graded only 2 finer with one being in the Half Dome Collection we built. The last PCGS CAC MS65+ to sell in auction brought $18,212.50 05/2022. Do NOT be fooled by the pops. MS65+ CAC pieces are exceedingly rare. For sure NONE have been offered lately!


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