1928 $20 Gold St Gaudens Motto PCGS MS66 (CAC) OLDER BLUE TAG


We purchased this from a major crack out dealer. One look and its easy to see what they were thinking. The coin is almost there for a +. We have seen so many MS66 Saints that do not look nearly as nice as this.

The surfaces overall are exceptionally clean. There are just a few tiny ticks scattered are hidden and you need a strong glass to see them. Nothing is big or serious. A full luster shows off beautiful and totally original pale orange/ gold colors. There are NO spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and are well struck. The eye appeal is like the quality, SUPERB.

PCGS 3397, NGC 1476, CAC 373. At the FUN auction a PCGS NON CAC coin brought $5,520.00. Place an order for 5 coins and see how many you get with any dealer. You might get ONE if you are lucky. These were not around before gold broke $2,000.00 and we doubt with demand growing you will find any quantity-so buy them when you can! You will LOVE this coin-its the real deal for an MS66.



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