WHOA! A stunning, ultra high-end SUPERB GEM coin! This MONSTER SUPERB GEM is the FINEST graded (and is more than worthy of its 67+ designation).

Mere words can not portray the killer quality offered here-but we will try! Superior deep mirrors beam boldly from all over. The mirrors are clean and have strong clarity. The contrast this coin has should be bottled and sold! Crisply and fully struck devices have a bright, nickel-silver frost. The icy-smooth texture to the mirrors is flawless and the eye appeal cannot be improved. The reflection is near blinding. The eye appeal is jaw dropping!

PCGS 2, NGC 3, CAC 2. As we mentioned, this is the ONLY PR67+ DC with NONE graded higher.  There is no Collectors Universe Value for a PR67+ DC, BUT they value PR67 DC (no +) at $19,500. This coin fits into any WORLD CLASS Proof 3CN set, easily a box of 20, or a Type set. You certainly will never see many like it-especially in DC.

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