50C J-342 1863 50C PCGS PR66+ CAMEO (CAC)


The absolute FINEST KNOWN example of this important and RARE “transitional” pattern half dollar. Struck using the regular Proof 1863 die and the regular 1866 with Motto die, these were actually struck in the late 1860s or early 1870s for collectors and sold in sets. Struck in silver with a reeded edge, the Judd-342 is listed as a Low Rarity-7, with perhaps 7-12 known in all grades. That is LESS than an 1894-s 10c (24) or an 1804 $1 (12)!!! And it is from 1863-our nation’s Civil War period.

Folks, at first glance this coin will knock your socks off! We think it could have been called a DCameo -but does it really matter (and we make no promises)? Absolute endless mirrors have a high intensity flash from all over. When you twirl the coins, the mirrors are like freshly formed ice on a frosty frozen lake. There are more lines on the holder then the coin! Most important, the mirrors have the ultimate in clarity. The contrast is incredible. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck and have GEM thick white frost all over. Teh eye appeal will make your eye balls pop out and roll around!

PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. THIS IS THE FINEST KNOWN. There is a CU of $13,500.00 for a NON EXITSANT PR66 Cameo (this is NOT that coin). Way Back in 2005-an NGC 67 (this coin) sold for $16,100.00 06/2005. In our opinion, a coin like this is grossly UNDERvalued in today’s marketplace. The coins rarity and beauty are undisputable! P.S A regular 50C 1863 PR 66+ Cameo CAC would probably cost $20,000.00.


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