About a year ago I announced I was going to semi retire. Then George had his heart attack and our business was booming and I was stuck. Fast forward, today while our business is booming, George and I are not. I have been active in this business for 42 years (yes, you read that right). I have just about done everything I set out to do (J-1776 and a 33 Saint would still be nice). I see a few young buck wannabes out there who claim they want to be me, but just don’t get it. Even the new breed of “super” collector do not get my juices flowing as they have little loyalty and don’t seem to understand quality. The internet while making this business incredible, has also created many down falls. At this point in my career I see little value to trying to fully adapt to it all.

With the purchase of the 1913 Liberty Nickel at ANA (a piece George and I did own along with Bruce years ago) it capped off my career.

So now, finally George and I are firmly going to slow down. With out trying to be everything to every body, we realize we still have a huge and very loyal collector base we will focus on. You will not see huge inventory offerings unless we buy a deal possibly. We will be cutting our advertising for sure. In fact, like today, I will still do the Market Report, but it may be a day or to late (I still expect to keep it on time). And travel WILL be cut down. You will always see us at ANA, FUN, Baltimore, CSNS, and a few PCGS Invitationals. The days of doing 200,000 miles a year (like last year) are over. As a few of you already know, I have uncurable painful nerve disease that will simply not allow me to travel all that much.  Just coming home from 5 days in Phili-not even a flying trip, got me seriously ill as well as I struggled on the bourse floor.


Legend Numismatics will always exist. We just won’t be as big as we were. I’ll be spending time on it-just no 24/7 anymore. George will be even more limited. That is a big change for me and him. I’ll still never give up pursuing my favorite causes, the useless PNG, gradeflation, coin doctors, etc. I will still do auction representation. I can’t miss a good show-but I am not going to stay as long for sure. For my loyal customers, I promise to finish off their world class collections. I’m too in love with coins, I think the only way I can totally walk away from this biz is when they plunk me down in the ground. Until then, I want to enjoy my time before that happens!

I’ve also got a little start up to watch over-Legend Rare Coin Auctions. Its growth has been far more explosive then I ever imagined. I am proud that it will be my lasting legacy. Fortunately, I am assembling a world class team who share my vision and know what to do. This way, the time I need to put in is really not significant (I am always there when a big collection comes in or for major decisions).

Yeah, last time I made a threat of semi retiring. I really did try. But I got sucked back. This time, I’ve really started the process to slow down. I can’t cheat, my heath forced me to cut it down. It is painful since Legend and Legend Auctions are really strong. But after 42+ years, I had heard there was more to life….

So please all bare with us until we get into the right scheme of operation. Any rumors or whispers you hear are false, unless you see it here in print. Legend Numismatics is still in business!

Last, George and I wish to thank all the great customers and friends we have made through our incredibly long journey. Its been an unbelievable career. Hopefully, we’ll still be adding a few more chapters and a few more world class collections!