Laura, good comments and great advice to both buyers and sellers. I currently have two batches of Morgans for sale through Legend, about $70,000 worth retail, and am trusting Greg to handle the sale for me. We never really negotiated commissions or laid out a marketing plan, maybe we should have I don’t know, but I expect him and Legend to be fair in their pricing and do their job to represent ME, the seller, basically in a fiduciary relationship. While Legend needs to make some money to stay in business, keep the lights on, us sellers need to make an adequate return on our investment too, so hopefully things work out that way for both of us.

This is my first selling experience with Legend so I am really excited to start seeing the end results of all my years of collecting now finally paying off, hopefully. I have a lot more coins to sell in the near future so Legend, Greg and YOU are being judged by these first two batches. Please keep an eye out for me, Laura, make sure the Legend team does their job and all it can to maximize my coin values so that we all can make some money, OK? Kind of scary just turning over a significant portion of my coin assets to a stranger I’ve never met, only talked to on the phone a few times, trusting them to do their job based on Legend’s reputation and my prior purchasing experiences. I am really hoping that Legend’s experience and expertise will make these sales as painless as possible and allow me to make a few bucks too.

Jerry Koudelik

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