Services We Offer

Legend offers a range of collector and investor services for both the beginning numismatic enthusiast as well as seasoned veterans. No one in the industry provides more competent advice, guidance and support than Legend.

Consulting Services

If you are putting together a set or series, we can help you locate the right coins and buy or sell at the right time. We work full-time to help you take advantage of unique opportunities and steer you away from overpriced coins. Your success is a reflection on our abilities, and we have made people very successful collectors.

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Portfolio Management

Collectors build collections; investors build portfolios. We advise our investor clients about market trends, movements and opportunities to help them achieve exceptional returns on their investments. We have an enviable record of avoiding downturns in the rare coin market and taking advantage of the most profitable opportunities.

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Grading Services

Legend is proud of being an authorized PCGS and NGC dealer, having been involved with both services since their inception.

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Auction Services

Over the past few years some of the most famous collections have passed over the auction block. Legend attends all of the major auctions and will counsel you throughout the purchase process. We’ll help you preview the coins and give you a feel for who the major players are and what the competition for any coin will be. If you need expert advice, auction representation or evaluation of any coin in an auction, Legend can help.

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