Our Mission

The following is the mission of Legend Numismatics.

Dedication To Quality

We promise to buy and sell the finest, certified rare coins on the market. Every coin Legend Numismatics sells will be examined by at least two knowledgeable, company-employed graders. Our Motto: “There is no substitute for quality.”

Accurate Descriptions

We pledge that our rare coin descriptions and images will be accurate. We want you to order with total confidence each and every time. This policy is the cornerstone of our extremely high level of consumer satisfaction and customer retention.

Fair Buying & Pricing

We’ll never use unreasonable mark ups when pricing our coins. What’s more, we are committed strong buyers. These buying and pricing practices have earned us a solid reputation for being one of the most reputable buyers in the business.


All questions will always be answered promptly and honestly. Open communication is the critical link between Legend Numismatics and our customers.


We realize that without the collector, we would not be in business. It does not matter if you buy one coin or $10 million dollars’ worth of coins, we’re going to treat you with the utmost respect.


We’re focused on hard work, strong ethics, and quality. That’s why we avoid “gray” areas or artificial markets. We believe trust is built, not bought or sold.

Allow Two-way Markets

Legend will stand behind the coins we sell and will always make a strong two-way market for them.

Stay Informed

Even after 20 years in this business, we are still learning. And if we don’t know something, we won’t bluff or stall. Instead, we’ll contact an expert we trust for a second opinion. Whenever possible, we’ll update our web site to share with you latest breaking educational issues or market happenings.

Cultivate A Better Numismatic Community

We’re not the police, but when we see questionable behavior that affects collectors, we’ll try our best to notify the proper authorities. We want to see the numismatic world grow and prosper legitimately and ethically.

Profit From Loyalty

While the goal of legend Numismatics is to be profitable, our loyalties are firmly with our customers. Therefore, we will forever be committed to the high standards and ethics outlined above.

This is our mission statement. We are proud of our track record and of our company.