Legend Numismatics handles the very finest in rare U.S. coinage. EVERY coin that is bought and sold by Legend is vetted by TWO world class bourse floor tested numismatists. QUALITY and EYE APPEAL are our main focus on ANY coin we buy and offer.

We buy and sell everything from common GEM Morgan Dollars to ultimate classic rarities (Legend was the buyer of the most expensive coin ever-the $1 1794 PCGS SP 66 for $10,000,000.00)! To date, we have bought and sold more coins valued at $1 million or more than any dealer in the business. More proof we very much care about what we sell- every coin posted on our web site is CAC stickered.

HAVE COINS TO SELL? Legend Numismatics pays record prices for exceptional coins. Do not be shy, we will buy entire collections to get at a few coins. We are here to do business with you!

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  • 50C 1819/8 PCGS MS64+ (CAC) O-102 Large 9 Ex: San Diego Collection

    New! $15,500.00

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  • 1848 1/2C Half Cent Braided Hair Original PCGS PR65BN (CAC) ROBINSON-PARTICK


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  • 1846 1C Large Cent Braided Hair Small Date PCGS MS67BN (CAC)


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  • 1898 1C Small Cent Indian Bronze PCGS MS67RD+ (CAC) BENDER

    New! $25,000.00

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  • 1877 1C Small Cent Indian Bronze PCGS PR66RB (CAC)


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  • 1914-D 1C Small Cent Lincoln, Wheat Rev PCGS MS66RD (CAC) OGH EX BLAY

    New! $125,000.00

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  • 1909 1C Small Cent Lincoln, Matte VDB PCGS PR65RB (CAC) YOUNG-DAKOTA


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  • 1911 1C Small Cent Lincoln, Matte PCGS PR66RB (CAC)



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  • 1916 1C Small Cent Lincoln, Matte PCGS PR66RB+ (CAC)

    New! $13,750.00


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  • 1936 1C Small Cent Lincoln, Brilliant Brilliant PCGS PR65CAM (CAC)



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  • 1864 2C Two Cents Lg Motto PCGS PR65RB (CAC)



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