Every coin posted on our website is certified by Certified Acceptance Corporation (CAC), a coin grade verification service. CAC examines coins that have been previously graded either by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation or Professional Coin Grading Service to verify the accuracy of their grading and certifies coins of higher quality within that grade. Coins bearing CAC stickers trade for premium prices, allowing you to buy with confidence.

In addition, we offer a five-day buyback guarantee on our coins. See our Return Policy, below.

You may return coins to us within five days of receiving your coin so long as you notify us in writing within 48 hours of receipt and ship it back to us, insured and unaltered in its original holder, within five days of receiving it. We do not refund shipping costs and we deduct a non-negotiable 10% return handling fee from any refund for returned coins. For details, consult our Terms and Conditions.

We offer an interest-free 90-day layaway that helps clients spread the purchase over a three-month period without extra expense. Longer-term financing is available to select clients.

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If you have coins of superior quality, meaning pieces that were passed down since they came from the Mint (prior to 1954), or were assembled by a knowledgeable numismatist, we would be more than happy to evaluate or buy them. If you have common coins, it would be best to look up your local coin dealer and bring your coins to them.
We offer appraisals by appointment only or you’re welcome to meet with us at a show. Consult our Show Schedule to find out which shows we will be attending in your area.

Coins can be a good investment, but it depends on your investment goals, timeline, and budget. We provide portfolio management services for investors who want to invest in the rare coin market.

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