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Complete Closure From The Rip Off Report Case! 


We’ve seen many chat-rooms asking why they have heard nothing in the past year. Let me tell you, it was one strange long legal journey. This guy insisted on representing himself in court. He danced around things for along time. Multiple times he was threatened with contempt of court.  Recently it all came to the brink. After lying to the judge-and being caught red handed, He finally realized he had to throw in the towel. He was as close to going to jail over this as he had ever been (which is what we were pressing for). Here is his statement:

April 29,2015

Dear MS Sperber,

“I write to apologize to you regarding the Ripp Off Report posted Sept 2012. I was the person who anonymously made accusations against you and pretended to be you in the post responding to the original post. Everything I posted about you was false and was intended as something I believed to be done as a joke not thinking anyone would take it seriously based on your sellers reputation in the industry. I now understand the damage this may have caused and apologize.”


Paul Elwell

I can’t thank enough my crack legal team of Dale Kinsella and Jeremiah Renyolds (who are actually real SUPER LAWYERS). They did incredible detective work to find him and had dug up more evidence then Elwell ever figured anyone would find. The court systems are slow as molasses. Elwell faced serious court sanctions many times and is really one cat with nine lives. Fortunately, the last judge had enough.

Finally, we have a binding legal agreement and the ordeal is over. There is more to the settlement-this is all we will comment on. Mr. Elwell knows better then to tangle with us ever again. I am happy with the outcome.

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