I sincerely thank every one for all the best wishes. It really helped lift my spirits. In the end, while still ill, I was able to enjoy HI overall (although the airline messed up and canceled my Molokai trip). The rest I got the last 3 days helped so much. For those who care, here is what I did each day:

Day 1. Thank god we had an uneventful flight. I think I freaked the stewardess out by showing her I was totally tracking the plane, weather, and anything else I could find on line. Landed around noon. Got to Halekulani Hotel. Checked in. This place rivals any hotel on service. Went to room very ill. In fact so ill, I passed out and did not hear the maid enter to pull down the sheets. That was bad and really bothered me. Missed my entire Saturday.

Day 2. Got up at 4 AM even tho fat thing from NYC (Tony Terranova) called me at 2:39 Hi time wanting to say hi. Still not well. Drank a ton of water and even gatorade. Started feeling a bit better. Was very annoyed the travel desk could not book me to Molokai. Seems everything there was closed on Sunday. Sat by the pool a few hours. Freshend up, and took a walk on the main drag. Ate my favorite sushi joint in the world (its tiny and is on the out side of a Hyatt tower). Hot and tired. Went back to room and relax. Forgot to mention Ian Russel RUINED my vacation. He texted me to remind me of his sale. During the walk I was stopping and calling in bids-several of them I lost. Grrr. Then at 5:00 there was this very big and cool Pan Pacific parade. Love the airline sponsored people…Got tired and left early because everything was in Japanese and now am ready for lights out. Had some trouble falling asleep.

Day 3. Was moaning like a big baby because I thought I’d never get a trip to Molokai-what I thought had been the last Island I needed to go to. Finally got the trip. Was super thrilled until I realized I was flying on this:
Sat by the pool in the shade for a few AM hours. Got a hair cut. Then Mr Jose and I (my traveling partner) decided to take a drive all around the island. We hit my fav Remys shrimp stand out in the middle of no where. Its the freshest best shrimp I have eaten any where in the US. Of course the wait was 45 min-but worth it. Its a tradition for me ( and I think Jose too). We drove around to the west side of the island, something I have never done in the 25+ years I have been too this island. Was bored. Not as lush as the other side. Saw the new 4 Seasons Hotel. Still having trouble as to its out of the way location. Got back in Waikaki and headed right to my #1 all time favorite sushi place again (I so highly recommend it). Even GH loved the place when he came out. Did some quick shopping for the office folk (so I didn’t come home to nasty looks). Sitting here with my glass doors open listening to a 3 piece Hi group playing wonderful HI music. Can see Jose on his balcony with a glass of wine. Feeling tired, but feeling a little better and a little more relaxed.

Day 4: Did not sleep well again, the 6 hour time difference taking a toll. Met with real estate agent about some biz (sorry not moving to HI-at least not yet). Then did some shopping-maybe too much, then. Chilled the rest of the day! Did not use my email or cell most of the day. Yes, I can relax!

Day 5: Got up early all excited-finally going to Molokai! Arrived at airport and see the little turbo prop. Ugh. Go to register and was hit with, I’m sorry, you have no reservation. WHAT!?. They said our tix were never paid by the tour operator and they cancelled the trip. WHAT?! I could not believe this. Went back to hotel and grabbed the hotel manager. After all the trouble of just getting the booking for the trip now to be told its canceled just blew my mind. The excuse: an new airline employee cancelled out trip. What? Big deal, the hotel gave me a $100.00 coupon for room service (wahoo). Didn’t feel like doing anything else, so just hung by the pool and slept. Was deeply hurt as the reason for the entire trip was to go to Molokai. Just slept in room from 3 on. Of course got back on east coast time and was up at 11:30 PM HI time not sleepy! At least health wise things are improving.

Day 5: Last full day in paradise. Met my realtor in the AM, nothing happened. Kicked tires at the Ritz Carlton Residences. What a joke, they are selling hotel rooms as condos. Got back and like a moron walked 5 blocks in the noon heat to eat my final meal at my #1 sushi joint on the planet (just out side the Hyatt). I’ll miss their fish. Just hung out the rest of the day at hotel. Spoke to the folks back home to remind them I am coming back. Bought one coin that was offered to me. Have I done my thinking about my future? YES! All I can say now I am will make big changes to my life and businesses, lets see how things pan out. I know where my heart is. If it all works out, the 80 hour work weeks are over!

DAY 6: Sat by pool until 9 AM. Actually slept by pool is really what I did. Took many deep breaths. Sad to go. Unhappy I did not go to Molokai. Maybe after the next Long Beach since its an easy 4.5 hour flight. Actually am ready to come home to the office (I expect to be in 8 AM -Noon Sat).

Time for sleep. 3/4 of the way over ocean to San Francisco. Cruising at 31000 ft, 577 MPH. So far so good. Of course with my deep fear of flying I had a nice chat w/the captain. Nice guy. he read his how to fly book. Of course I offered my help if they need it. Just took my prescribed lights out pill.

I sincerely thank every one for allowing me to be involved so deeply in this hobby I really love. I am so focused on doing things and making things right I never knew how many people I had actually touched. Its been a long 40 years for me. Hopefully the next decade will be better not only for me, but for everyone! NITE!

P.S Make HI a MUST SEE. I love HI so much I fight my horrible fear of flying and now have been to most of the islands spread over 25-30 trips. The Islands are stunning and the people are so kind and nice. Ask me any questions.