When I was on the ANA board I told them 3 things: one was to start a Registry for BOTH PCGS and NGC coins. Become an online University. Last, they were going to lose the fees from major auction companies in a few years. They bumbled and blew the first one, and sure enough, the ANA can’t attract the major auction companies any more for the ANA shows. Starting a online University, apparently is way beyond anything they can ever do.,

Sadly, I still stand by the notion the ANA is a slowly dying organization. The new buyers of today do not need them and most probably do not even know about them. What can the ANA do for them?  I’d take the PCGS grading seminar before ANA’s. There is so much information on line if a collector wants to research something they do not need the ANA’s library.


The ANA picked an ON LINE auction company to be the official auctioneer of their summer shows. Are you serious? Wait, they had no choice.

Finally the big boys were tired of paying six figures to hold their sales there when they now have a proven method of successful sales a week later. Why pay when the ANA is allowing others to show auction lots too? What does being the “official” auctioneer mean anyway?

Legend was asked to bid on the auction and declined. We are extremely happy paying six figures to be with PCGS. They certainly are not a dying organization. Also, we were asked recently by the ANA if we wanted to buy in and be part of a week long event of auctions -like the NYINS Show holds. NO FRIGGEN WAY are we going to pay to be an associate or whatever. What the heck were they thinking?  They may get a few foreign dealers but none of the major houses will do so. So all you have left is an ON LINE AUCTION. Even the recent ANA Mid Winter show lacked a major US Auction house.

Another reason this all happened, the ANA did not want the auctions to be a week later. While I can agree with this, I am also realistic. Ever since Heritage was highly successful during the pandemic with no lot viewing and an internet only sale yielding record prices, I knew auctions at shows were gone. It really may not be worst thing since people can still look at lots during a show. Some dealers will be hurt though because how many times have people said “lets see how I do in the auction”. I personally liked auctions at shows. I know others did too. No matter what times have changed.

It is my strong opinion the ANA blew it so bad that after the new contract expires, they will totally lose ALL auction fees from the top US companies. The ANA has to come into todays world. They need to ask the auction companies what they can do for them to get them back-not tell they how they want it. They have to realize things have changed.

Because of all the stupidity and stubbornness of the ANA I have little interest to help them any more. This move w/the auctions was kind of last straw for me. I can say I tried very hard to change them and be at peace with myself.


Legend Auctions will still hold live auctions at the PCGS Invitational shows. Its a small enough show that it works. We are watching how the CSNS Show auction goes off. The show is trying hard to rebuild itself. ONLY if the show has lackluster attendance will we even consider going the week after. Call us old school! Keep in mind, we are a boutique auction house not a 5000 lot sell everything major. We know what we enjoy as auction buyers (and sellers).

This is all my personal opinion. You may email me: with any comments or questions about anything. Be nice!