It is MY strong opinion the new Registry Program is a joke and its an inflated NGC advertisement.

NOTHING has happened with this pathetic organization since I left it over 4 years ago. Membership? Its a friggen joke that its still decreasing. The main ANA Show? Down to 10,000 attendees (most are dealers and their families). In this wired world there is NO excuse for these ridiculous numbers. My neighbors dog has 12000 followers on Twitter! Close the hell up ANA, you’ll never grow being beholden to a grading service or your own obvious incompetent management.

I did suggest a Registry four years ago. Because of an egomanical board member it fell on deaf ears. Had it been done right-the ANA would have been the darlings of the collecting world and could have made money off it. The new leadership (whom in my opinion has turned out not to be what I expected)  in my opinion has been totally ineffective no matter how loud they try and bang the pot. They are stuck in mud with their “sponsor”.

Seems every thing the ANA does these has NGC’s fingers in it.  You did NOT and do NOT need NGC to help with this. Why doesn’t the ANA try and be the official service of the ANA (yes I said ANA)???  Its disgraceful that the word change is such a huge no no with this group. The out side world is loaded with talented bright people who care and will help-if you looked for them. Being in bed with a grading service in reality runs them off.

It is my strong opinion that NGC nor PCGS should be the ANA’s sponsor. The ANA needs to be independent. 

It is total BS the ANA needed NGC’s financial help to create a Registry program. The ANA has the money. The ANA would have succeeded if they had arms length. In the end, the way it was rolled out, this is the NGC Registry allowing PCGS coins.  There are plenty of people who could have assisted them in building the platform. I assume the same idiot board member who told me to shut up abut the ANA blowing $750G on its worthless web site had something to do with it. But then what the heck is everyone else doing? Can any one think over there?

ANA grow up and do this on your own. DITCH NGC completely. START over. You should NOT have a grading service (ANY) as a “partner”  period. You need to hire a real marketing gun from the outside world with a  brain-someone who has experience with similar organizations. Make them rich if they meet certain goals. It really is that simple.  Stop protecting your ineffective staff.

My other suggestion would have worked for sure-if they cared to try. Make the ANA into a on line University of Numismatics. The reach would be unlimited.  They’d have access to hundreds of thousands of people checking out coins. They could sell  ads, the ANA show would have 25,000+ in attendance and higher table fees,  and they would educate and help the hobby expand. But nooooo. They want to be controlled by a grading service and just keep withering away.

ANA, maybe if you are lucky, the ANA show this year will be down to 7,500 attendees of which only 5500 are dealers…..Or maybe your on line membership will increase to 500 people….If you have not noticed, your still a sinking organization. It is a disgrace you do not have 100,000 members and show that is like a small comic con! This Registry program could have been really big for you. Instead, its big for NGC.  VERY WRONG!

WAKE THE HELL UP ANA!  Your survival time is limited. 

What is written here is the sole opinion of Laura Sperber, not the opinion of Legend Numismatics or its employees or partners.