JULY 4TH 2020

That was the worst time in my life. I was completing a 5 day stint in Intensive Care after my kidneys failed. I almost bit it.  Legend was a disaster. The market had slowed tremendously and we were pummeled by a bad deal and a horrible dealer who wanted to hurt us so bad I was put in a very dark place (we did and still do have a huge capital bases but I felt so lousy). And Covid made me think there was no tomorrow for the world.


Hard to believe where we were all were a year ago. There are now vaccines against Covid (amazing how fast they were developed). Today, I get dialysis 3x a week. I feel 100% better and am totally up and about. My only issue is getting dialysis scheduled for travel. Can’t miss a day. I am working getting on the wait list for a Kidney. All my numbers are really good. I am in a great place now.

Legend has come back so strong we pinch ourselves. Can’t believe 2020 even happened.  Not only we did erase last years loss by the beginning of March, we are on a pace for an all time record in sales. Legend biz is BETTER then 2019 when we had a record year. We have picked up many new customers since the start of the year. As you all know there is far more demand these days then coins (we do expect it to slow up soon as people are out and about which should be after ANA). Our check book has never been bigger and I am working overtime trying to spend on inventory and Want List coins.

Demand swept upon the market like a tidal wave really starting in January. We knew times had changed when after FUN (or what would have been FUN) there was no typical slow down. Legend sold millions more then usual between Jan and Feb. Our sales have been so strong if June 30th had been the end of our sales year we’d have had a very good year!

For myself, I see life as back to normal. I again flirted with retirement (I am 62) and realized I am so addicted I can’t quit. Coins are in my blood. I have not taken Legend or Legend Auctions to where I really want them to be. The coin world will have to deal with me for a few more years!  I still am doing my best to fight gradeflation and coin doctoring. I worry about the 2 grading services now being privately owned and 100% profit oriented. Time will tell how those will go. In my opinion, rare coin collecting is one of the greatest hobbies one can enjoy-I still do!

Myself, Legend and Legend Auctions will fully attend the ANA show. See you there!