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Monday spring finally comes around. Last weeks blizzard made us deeply regret not living in a warmer climate. In fact, the cold and snow slowed everything down-including our market(sort of). The weather guys are now crowing more snow for the weekend!

We had been selling like gangbusters until Tuesday when the blizzard hit.  From Tuesday until now Saturday AM)  as this report is being written, things have slowed up. We do still have a couple of good deals in the works, but sales from our web site was especially slow.  We don’t think its the market going into a spin, we think it was the arrival of the massive Stacks catalogs and a Heritage early April Sale going live. We all know how crazy collectors get over auctions. In fact speaking of auctions, our March Premier Sessions Internet Only sale did really strong numbers and yet again, had a record amount of NEW bidders (and buyers). The market is definately NOT dead.

We think April will be a really strong month towards the middle. With about 5000 coins available between 3 auctions (we have a neat Premier Sessions Sale the first week of April) coins will start to straggle out. Right now there is nothing sexy or really cool on the market. This past week we bought ONE monster piece and that was it. Even though we have a big inventory, we can’t make money unless we find fresh sexy NEWPS and especially Want List coins.  Our suppliers are crying how difficult it has been to make neat coins. And of course most collectors do not want to sell their good coins right now. We know we are not the only dealers who suffer this misery.


Even though our partner is thrilled our inventory level has dropped to the lowest figure in years, we can’t survive well with out fresh NEWPS and are going to be aggressively buying at Baltimore both on the floor and in the auctions (a word to the wise, we are locked and loaded).

Here is what most sellers do not understand, we need the BEST of the BEST coins. Do not offer us better date DMPL’s with cloudy mirrors-they are not worth any premiums no matter how rare. We do NOT like “dirty” gold. All proof coins should be really pretty, not dark or dull. Luster and flash are everything.

Top of our Want List:

$20 1907 High Relief PCGS CAC  Wire Edge MS66-67

$1  1865  PCGS CAC MS64-65



$10  1795 PCGS AU55-58  PCGS CAC

ALL BETTER GOLD-We want to buy ALL AU55 and higher PCGS CAC gold from 1795 to 1933!

We have $22 million PLUS in Want Lists, this is a small sample of what we need. SHOW US YOUR COINS AT BALTIMORE! Or Email or call George Huang with what you wish to sell. We do not just need expensive coins! We have and will continue to buy entire collections to get the one or two coins we need.


We are at an all time low. This week we have a record 7 NEWPS (we are also posting a few coins from our inventory to highlight them at better prices). We just could NOT find more special coins. We have no problem offering  fewer coins vs selling marginal dreck. We are certainly trying really hard to buy!

Our Favorite NEWP this week-the 1C 1856 FE PCGS PR65 CAC. Its an old friend we and have always LOVED the look. Its harder then you think to find really nice examples of this “old time” classic rarity.

You should check out our regular inventory-we have several great coins that have been overlooked and deserve great homes. Once these coins are sold-good luck finding anything similar!



We’re thrilled how our March Premier Sessions Internet sale just did.  Several hundred bidders spent a  total of $373,000.00 on 156 lots. Check this out (all sales include 10% buyers fee):

lot 13   1C  1877 PCGS MS64BN                           est $7,000.00      SOLD : $9.350.00

63   25C  1842O LG DATE  PCGS AU 53 CAC   est  $750.00         SOLD $1,760.00

66   25C  1911 PCGS PR66+ CAMEO CAC         est  $2,750.00      SOLD $3,740.00

82  50c  1814 PCGS AU55  CAC  SL                    est $4,000.00      SOLD: $6,325.00

87   50C  1834 SM LT PCGS AU58+ CAC          est $1,000.00       SOLD $3,630.00

124  $1    1878CC NGC MS64DMPL                    est $1,750.00       SOLD $2,310.00

139   SET  1955 NGC PR69                                    est $1,000.00       SOLD $1,760.00

Just about every lot sold for strong prices. This is even more proof that we hold special Internet Only sales and not junk wholesale flea market type scrums.

HIGHLIGHTS FROM OUR SOON TO OPEN APRIL PREMIER SESSIONS SALE ARE NOW POSTED ON THE AUCTION WEB SITE. We expect that sale to be live by the end of next week. Due to production of our May Catalog, we had make this sale a little earlier. ALL of the April sale WILL be available for viewing at the Baltimore Show.

LAST CALL FOR MAY REGENCY SALE CONSIGNMENTS! We already have a MONSTER Sale lined up. Our Regency Auctions generate prices every bit as strong (and many times stronger) then the big boys when they hold their special single night highlight sales. Our marketing is world class and world wide. Plus, we feature the entire auction in a beautiful hard bound catalog. Contact Julie Abrams: or Greg Cohen:  They will work with you from start to finish.We promise to get you the maximum results!

Legend Rare Coin Auctions prides itself in being different from the rest when it comes to our Premier Sessions Internet Only sales. First we really do reject coins. Offering quality is what we are all about. We always do FULL honest descriptions with realistic estimates. Our sales are NOT fixed price lists or fake sales. We have TWO world class real bourse floor proven numismatists on staff. Creating the VERY BEST auctions is what deeply matters to us. Our company motto: a happy buyer makes for a happy seller.


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