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This week we attended the PCGS Invitational Show. Our expectations were moderate. We did not think too many dealers would attend.

Much to our surprise, the show was much better attended then we thought-including a surprising amount of collectors coming in to do business. We did hear several of them remark how small and intimate the show was and how they really liked it.

Even though a few of our regular buyers were not there, selling was strong. We walked our coins to only two dealers and did very well. Then much to our surprise, we put out our coins (at our table) and did even better. There was no mass rush, just a good flow. We sold soup to nuts-$3G to $15G per coin. Of course gold coins lead the way. Our stealth secret sellers also reported a hard working but good show.  Keep in mind, there has not been a major show since Long Beach back in early September. This spurt of activity leads us to believe Baltimore will have some pent up demand and be a good show.

Last weeks activity at the office was strong as well. Our sales averaged $12,000.00 per coin! On Friday alone, we sold our two GEM MS Trade Dollars and the gorgeous 5C 1886 PR67+. Yet our Bust Halves still languish. It is the way of the market-very hit or miss.

We’re back to the same old grind. Collectors seem to have put the election aside, they are less distracted by vacations, and seem ready to play coins again. We’re aware of TWO huge gold deals worth millions that happened this past week. We don’t think many  (if any ) of the coins will ever surface for sale to the public. We do feel its VERY important for the public to know these deals happened and they did not happen cheap. Demand is rekindling, but of course the supply is not.

Sadly, MS+PR Silver Type still are soft. We are not afraid to think contrarian and build sets in these areas. One set that slipped right buy us-PR 65-66 RD 2C pieces. These have taken a really strong smack down. You do not see many of them offered in TRUE GEM RD!  Right now there are so many areas to buy in that are just plain CHEAP. We’d love to build sets in these areas. Contact George or Laura to discuss.

Last remember: Buy for tomorrow today. Do NOT be afraid to pay premiums for great coins. Down the road the prices you paid will seem cheap! And quality and eye appeal are everything.


Our buying was very limited at the show. We did not see many “Legend caliber”coins. However, we did spend MORE then what we did at Long Beach! We can’t stress enough how great these boutique shows are.

The grand highlight this week: $3 1880 PCGS PR65 Cameo CAC.  Really are with just 36 minted and only 2 graded by PCGS with NONE higher! This should be a $50,000.00 coin easy. Proof gold is and will always be the cavair of numismatics. Plus, the coin is super!

We have posted several other great Newps as well (including a terrific $5 1805 PCGS AU55 CAC).  We always try to have an offering to please all tastes and budgets.



We thank everyone who participated in our October I Sessions Internet only sale. It was a huge success!  Look at these highlight results:

Lot 14 1C 1793 Wreath. Vine/Bars. PCGS VF20 realized $7,975

Lot 17 3CS 1853 PCGS MS67 CAC realized $4,510

Lot 28 H10C 1832 PCGS MS65 CAC-gold realized $3,630

Lot 42 25C 1881 PCGS MS67 CAC realized $4,950

Lot 60 50C 1828 SQ 2, Sm. 8, Sm. Letters. PCGS AU55 realized $2,310

Lot 77 T$1 1876 PCGS MS64 realized $2,200

Lot 91 $1 1921 Peace. PCGS MS66 CAC realized $8,800

Yet again, for this sale we had RECORD numbers of eye balls, bidders, and winners! Our Internet Only sales really are growing!

BIDDING GOES LIVE 10 PM SUNDAY FOR OUR “CRAZY AUCTION”, our Sessions October II Internet only sale. This sale has 174 lesser grade and more modern coins. The majority of coins  are valued at UNDER $150.00!  Collectors always ask, what we do with the odd ball items. Now, we will hold a Crazy Sale once or twice a year.

LAST CHANCE TO CONSIGN TO OUR DECEMBER REGENCY SALE!  We’re near full! Have a coin that deserves extra special attention? Our Regency Sale is the right place for it. We have had 18 amazing Regency Sales to date. ALL with record breaking prices realized for the better coins!

Contact Greg Cohen: or Julie Abrams at julie@legendauctions,com for help on consignments or to ask any question.


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