As a Legend client/collector for only the past year, who has participated in the last ~ 10 LRCA auctions, and also purchased from sister company Legend inventory, this New Orleans show was my first Legend Regency Auction, and the entire Legend staff did a great job! I look forward to attending many more PCGS member-only Legend Regency auctions hosted by Legend. On line LRCA auctions are great when you can not travel, but attending in person, especially in New Orleans, is a treat. I recommend to all collectors and dealers. I was fortunate to acquire 4 quality coins in the live auction, despite the record prices for most lots, although that is to be expected when one realizes the quality of the coins in this auction, and the state of the current market. I was also pleased to meet and do business with many quality dealers. I really enjoyed a smaller show with ALL dealers in one room. I will be back!

Regarding your comments about PCGS grading being TIGHT, I agree overall. A collector friend of mine attending submitted 7 outstanding rare gem high grade PCGS type coins for reconsideration, and none were upgraded. So yes, they were tight, which protects everyone with
quality coins.

Fortunately I was the anecdotal exception. I had 2 old NGC gold holder coins that have been in my bank SDB for ~ 25 years – an 1880 Pr66 Morgan $1, and a 1911 MS64 $10 Indian. I always loved these cons and their eye appeal, while my numismatic collecting hobby was dormant. I recently considered putting them up for consignment, as my current type collection(s) have higher graded coins. But I decided to submit to PCGS for show crossover, but no downgrades. At the show, I asked Legend President Julie Abrams about this, and she was so kind in bringing me and my 2 coins to Legend owner Laura Sperber for her learned opinion. Laura was slightly concerned about the 1880 Morgan $1 not crossing over, and said my chances were about 40%, but definitely worth the chance. She immediately opined that the $10 Indian would crossover. So I submitted both to PCGS.

As I waited for the PCGS results for 2+ days, and kept seeing TIGHT grading, I hoped for at least one to crossover. Well imagine my reaction when BOTH crossed over, and BOTH upgraded. New PCGS shield holders had my 1880 NGC Pr66 Morgan $1 as now PR66CA (which increased the value from ~6,000/7,500 to 10,500), and even more impressive the NGC MS64 1911 $10 was now PCGS MS65, which increased the value from ~ 1,500 to 7,500! So 2 successful crossovers doubled the total market value from ~ 9,000 to 18,000.

I realize this is uncommon these days, but it demonstrates that old, unseen, fresh quality coins – regardless of the old holder – are likely worth the effort/expense to crossover/upgrade. Now I look forward to submitting soon a couple of OGH rattlers that were resting in that same old bank vault. And even if similar results do not occur, which is unlikely, that is OK, as the anticipation is almost as exhilarating as my recent good fortune.

Happy Collecting, Legend client SW

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