This coronavirus is doing a huge number on the world. So far things are okay here at home. We hope it stays that way.

Clearly people are still going about their normal routines. We were in a Porsche dealership where we saw several people discussing buying new cars. We saw crazy people out golfing in 40 degree weather. We saw big new homes being moved into. And we had collectors buying coins. This week, activity was surprisingly strong. The biggest value coin we sold was $260,000.00 gold coin-and the coin never made our web site. Next in line, $33,700.00-that was a gold coin too. We sold many smaller gold coins as well. But our two $20 Libs and single MS Saint are still not sold. Kind of confused about that.

The coin market is stable this week. The ANA Mid Winter Show does not count against any thing market wise (in OUR opinion). It was a light turnout as expected.  The principals of Legend did NOT attend. We were getting hourly updates anyway from may dealers as to how dead it was. Yet again, the ANA blew it. Horrible location and even worse timing (right after Long Beach).

Note: we recall in 2008 the coin market did not blink when the stock market did its nose dive. In fact coins ran like a herd of crazed bulls through 2013. When the stock market tanks, people seem to shift their monies into hard assets. It remains to be seen what happens here. As we mentioned last week, we have seen an “I” (investor) or two pop up. Our market is still collector driven. We think with the supply chain so dry it would be hard for an overnight rise to happen. However, things WILL dramatically improve overall very quickly if there is even the slightest shift into coins. Stay tuned!

There has been no stoppage of coin buyers that we know of. Coins are a great area to collect since you don’t really have to go to shows anymore. Collectors can sit at home and order what they want after viewing much improved images. The only problem, there is a lot of “stuff” being offered. It is so insanely hard to get great coins-especially PCGS CAC pieces. What the public really wants is simply NOT available.  Still, even when something does pop up, it can be ordered from home.

We never stop trying to buy.  We are back to the very frustrating time again where we can not find what we need or even want to to stock.

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Yet again we are limited in our offering. We sold 4 coins as fast as we posted them. They were smaller gold coins.

The easy highlight of this week is the $10 1801 PCGS MS63+ CAC. Great and totally fresh and original coin! Have not seen any of these in a long time.

As you know, all of our NEWPS are handpicked for outstanding quality and eye appeal. We never settle for sloppy seconds!

We invite you to check out our regular inventory-its loaded with incredible coins-really!



Legend Rare Coin Auctions is proud to officially announce the BIGMO CIVIL WAR COLLECTION, a world-class, PCGS Hall of Fame Registry Set. Featuring many of the FINEST coins issued from 1861-1865 in all denominations from the cent to the double eagle, both Mint State and Proof. Part 1 will be offered in the May 2020 Regency Auction. It is an honor to handle this incredible collection!

Coins that have been off the market for decades will be offered, sometimes for the first time in a certified holder (some coins were purchased raw out of old auctions and then graded). Part 1 consists of 93 exceptional quality coins. The collector spared no expense or effort seeking out the very finest pieces; traveling to countless shows, attending auctions around the country, and working with only the best in the business to source these numismatic treasures! Keep an eye out as we post highlights from this outstanding collection that is truly special and totally “Legend Quality.” The following are just a few select highlights that are POP 1, NONE FINER!

$1 1861 PCGS PR66 CAC. Pop 1

G$1 1861 PCGS MS67+ CAC. Pop 1

50C 1862-S PCGS MS66 CAC. Pop 1

1862 $1 PCGS PR66+ CAC. Pop 1

10C 1863-S PCGS MS65+ CAC. Pop 1

$1 1863 PCGS PR67+ CAM CAC. Pop 1

10C 1864-S PCGS MS66 CAC. Pop 1

$1 1864 PCGS MS65+ CAC. Pop 1

25C 1865 PCGS PR67+ DCAM CAC. Pop 1

50C 1865 PCGS PR67+ DCAM CAC. Pop 1

G$1 1865 PCGS MS68+ CAC. Pop 1

What a collection! We are also announcing the Blue Hill Collection of New Orleans Silver Dollars and Double Eagles in the same sale. Both series are complete, 100% PCGS graded and many coins, including the XF45 1856-O $20 are CAC approved.

This sale is already total numismatic nirvana.  We are pinching ourselves!

Please do not forget our current sale Regency 37-highlighted by the amazing Seattle Collection.  Go to the auction web site and check it out! The sale closes with alive session in Philadelphia March 26th. PCGS will be there accepting submissions.

If you have any questions, please call the auction company at 732-935-1168. Or visit their web site.