This week it seems just about everything we bought and sold was gold. We sold a ton of generic like gold all the way up through our 1848 CAL $2.5 (a $160,000.00 coin).  This was yet another week where activity started slow and ended  super strong. We had planned to take it easy and LOSE money in December. No way did we expect this weeks activity.

Apparently things are so rocky out there collectors are seeking a safer haven in gold coins. We are frustrated because we have some really neat non gold coins in stock that are languishing: A GEM Red 1853 Naftzger Large Cent, a killer 5C 1867 NO Rays PR66 DC,  or a 25C 1916 PCGS MS66 FH-of course ALL coins are CAC graded. Clearly Gold rules. We strongly believe this trend will continue through ANA. The good news is-gold coins are still cheapish. We do not see a heavy down side. Non CAC generic Saints in MS63/64 are at spot! How can you beat that. Better gold-like the $2.5 1848 CAL do not come around but once in a decade. The bigger buyers still demand coins like that. In fact, even though we had it posted for a few weeks, all of the sudden we had 3 serious buyers for it (2 popped up the same day). Funny how this market goes on and off.

We are luck-very lucky in the fact our 40 years of hard work building a remarkable customer base and building the very best contacts in the biz has allowed us to buy close to $2 million in gold deals this month (including 3 PR $20 Libs-all in PR65 or better)! We still have much to offer in gold.

Yes, this is a self serving comment: BUY GOLD COINS! Your best bet-build the highest grade Type set you can afford. At these prices, it WILL reward you probably in a year or so (NO guarantee). As you all may known, Legend has built many #1 registry sets of gold. If you decide you want to build a set (any size) talk to us. No one builds better sets then we do!

Its not just us talking about buying gold today:


Stop by and see us-tables 712/714!  We are ready to buy and sell with you. All the principals of Legend will there (we do suggest making an appointment if you have biz to do).

We’ll have a surprise coin or two for sale. Yes, they are gold. As of this writing we are also in the process of closing a six figure slightly better $5+$10 Indian gold deal. ALL PCGS CAC. On top of that we have two others in the works. These are all from collectors, no retreads.

We have NOT in any way abandoned our DMPL  (will have some common CAC in higher grades), Type, or copper buyers. We assure you, you will see one of the finest-if not THE FINEST offerings of ALL PCGS ALL CAC coins at our table.

There is still time to prepare for FUN. So far we have only looked at Platinum Night of the FUN Sale. Talk to Laura Sperber if you need representation: Already Legend Numismatics plans on being a MAJOR player in the sale.

Of if you have coins you wish to consign or sell to us, email us today: We will work hard to make you the most money!


Due to the strong activity last week, we did an unplanned small offering. We assure you, EVERY coin posted has exceptional quality and eye appeal. Our highlight coin:

$20 1861 PCGS MS63 CAC. All we can say is its incredible and you really have to see it to believe it. If all MS63’s looked like this, they would be worth $50,000.00!! Really!

Sorry everyone. The $20 1926 PCGS MS66+ sold immediately and there were 3 people requesting it as well.

We will NOT be doing a Coin of the Week or NEWPS for next week. We really do need a break!  However, we will be checking our emails and are ready to make deals both buying and selling (some time off huh?).


Legend Rare Coin Auctions and its entire staff wish you Happy Holidays! We sincerely thank you for all your support. We promise to make 2019 even better.

LRCA will remain a boutique. We have cancelled our Monthly Internet sales in exchange for what really fits our brand best 6 (maybe 7) Regency Sales.

Our first sale-which is now posted and opens for bidding December 26th will be held in Beverly Hills January 27th. It is NOT in conjunction with a PCGS Invitational (it was  a scheduling issue). However, Friday and Saturday, PCGS will be at lot viewing accepting submissions for the Long Beach Show. All submissions will be among the first graded at the show. Even if you don’t want to bid in the sale, bring PCGS your submissions!

Regency 30 is by far our biggest EVER January Sale. We have the Maybach Buffalo Nickel Collection-all PCGS and most have been off the market for 10-120 years. The highlight: 5C 1926S PCGS MS65 CAC.

There is the remarkable partical set of MS Barber Halves-The Formula I collection. The grand highlight: 50C 1896O PCGS MS67 CAC. Oops, really need to mention the 50C 1905O PCGS MS68 CAC too. This group of coins will win ANY race!

Then there are gods gifts to the Saint world: $20 1909D PCGS MS67 and a $20 1922S PCGS MS66+ both CAC. Even if you are not bidding on them, come and see them. These are what Saints should look like.

There are nearly 500 handpicked NICE coins for all to see and bid on. Let us be clear, we have no interest doing huge sales. If a collection or group of collections calls for it, we might do a 2 day sale. This company was founded on the principles of being a high quality boutique auction house. You  won’t see dreck or retoned coins. In fact, this summer LRCA passed on auctioning a major collection now in FUN where we deemed the coins had issues. We believe a happy buyer, makes a happy seller. We think we have done a really good job in earning loyalty and trust when it comes to people bidding on what we offer.

We’re not done improving. 2019 we expect it to be a tough but good year for LRCA! Of course our reps will be at FUN at table 712/714, stop by and say hello!